Jason Vedadi: From Golfing in Scotland to Camel Trekking in Morocco

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Jason Vedadi of Montana loves to see the world through his many travels. In fact, his adventurous spirit has led him to explore iconic and historic locations all over the world. Some of his most notable trips include a visit to the Red Square in Russia, a camel trek in the deserts of Morocco, a stop at the somber concentration camp Auschwitz and a tour of the pyramids in Egypt.

Although Vedadi enjoys traveling just to see the sites and learn about history and culture, he also enjoys playing a good game of golf while he’s away. He’s played on championship courses in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Thailand and Brazil, to name a few.

In the North African country of Tunisia, Jason Vedadi enjoyed playing along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea at the Yasmine Hammamet, Port El Kantaoui and Monastir resorts. He’s also played in Turkey, where golf is surging in popularity. He played on premier courses on the Belek coastline in the Antalya Province, known as the “Turkish Riviera.”

These adventures give Jason Vedadi a much-needed break from his busy life as an entrepreneur overseeing his thriving business, Titanium Builders and Development. The company, which he started in 2006, is expanding quickly and now serves several states, including Washington, Montana, Arizona, Idaho and North Dakota.

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